Andre Ferezini


Andre Ferezini began his career as director by performing documentaries. He then migrated to advertising, becoming a specialist at the other opposite: fiction films with actors, which combine set footage and postproduction features with realistic treatment. The results are pieces that startle the viewer, sometimes without knowing how the images were produced.

In his portfolio, Ferezini has a range of films that require a complex construction of scenes: car and motorcycle accidents, art direction on set integrated with digital scenarios, computer graphics characters and compositing and 3D assets used narratively.

In addition to advertising, he is internationally recognized for his authorial work, which involves documentation of subcultures, his most personal object of study. His works include "Jun Matsui", a short film about the Japanese-Brazilian tattoo artist, released in London, Sao Paulo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo, among other cities.