ANGRY is a duo formed by Bruno Silva and Gabe Maruyama. They have a modern cinematographic language, transitioning through various media and formats. Creative, they develop original work that is expressiva with short length films and video clips. In advertising, they directed films for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Shell, Skol, Nestlê, Pierre Cardin and Johnson&Johnson.

Bruno studied cinema, art and screenwriting. In his search for knowledge and technique, he made a point out of working with various formats, transiting through sets of full and short length features, video clips and everything in between. He followed closely the transition between analog to digital, where he found the opportunity to realize his visions. His experiences make him an unique director who knows how to create and execute and how to handle a movie from its budget to post-production.

Gabe is also a photographer and film editor. She studied performance arts, camera operation, photography and editing. Her trajectory began in the theatre, but her goal was photography. She is passionate about registering and telling stories. Narratives have always been her forté, and she soon began to give shape and movement to her images. A female point of view in direction, with sensitivity and boldness, Gabe is part of the FreeTheBid movement.