The Angry duo has already directed for clients such as Skol, Johnson & Johnson and Pierre Cardin, among others, and in addition to publicity, it also direct clips – such as the single "Pararatibum" by MC Tati Zaqui, which had more than 1 million views in 24 hours – and campaigns with appeal and engagement, such as the short movie "Black Live Matters" and the videocase "Unwanted Url", for the Coletivo Feminista.

Bruninho began his career as intern at the Academia de Filmes. He studied film, art, fashion and screenwriting and had experiences in sets of long and short films, publicity, video clips and artistic videos. The wide range of experience makes him a distinguished director, who knows how to create, execute and treat from the budget movie to post-production.

Gabe Maruyama is a photographer and editor. She studied performing arts, camera operation, photography and editing. She began her career as a photography assistant for Klaus Mitteldorf, collaborating in his exhibition and in the book "Work", which portrays the photographer's 30-year career. In 2014 she coordinated the production company Norami, where she also directed her first films.